With KYC-Pro, first and foremost, we understand what the financial services client is looking to achieve. How they want to onboard their clients is critical. We will advise on and implement other RegTech solutions and more traditional database solutions we have trialled and tested, and know are fit for purpose. We can funnel these solutions through our API to allow our client one point of integration and add our compliance expertise to our technology. This ensures your process is efficient and your developer’s time is spent productively on the product rather than the back-end.

We provide best in class individual, corporate, PEP Sanction and Adverse media screening. In addition to this we can add our compliance expertise, this allows for bespoke onboarding workflows and custom risk assessment and management for your clients.

Our KYC-Pro platform evolves with the regulations, meaning it is future proofed and not a point in time solution. We add to this our industry knowledge, from all stakeholder’s partners, customers and competitors to impart best in class onboarding solution which is friction free.

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You can find out more about our database offering and Saas product by clicking here.

Planning a review of how you onboard customers and don’t know what to choose in terms of a data provider?
We can help. Speak to one of our specialist onboarding consultants, we are not tied to a single provider of data or process as such we can offer you impartial bespoke advice if you would like to build yourself or if you would like a solution from us.

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