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Payroll Processing


KYC-Pro provides everything you need to create great bespoke onbaording processes for your clients as a financial institution. It’s no wonder that one of the largest payroll companies in the world use KYC-Pro.

ADP is a global payroll processing company with turnover in excess of $11 billion per annum. ADP needed an outsourced account opening solution for its branch based in the Netherlands and decided on the Enterprise plan with KYC-Pro.

Using the powerful processing power of KYC-Pro combined with the additional man and brain power behind fscom, ADP has state of the art onbaording process for its clients.

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Investment company

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Instant, thats what todays market requires whether that is buying a coffee or investing in business. Your customer onbaroding should be equally instant.

Whether you decide to use our online web application or connect your developers to our easy to use API, one thing we can guarantee is 99.99% uptime and with that instant decisions to your customer onbaording requirements.

Our API is simple, powerful, scalable and easy to integrate with check it out now.


Start Up

KYC-Pro has first class support for startup’s whether you need some bespoke data extracts, like Gocardless, or would like some advice and help on your compliance requirements.

KYC-Pro is perfect for startups, where intial capital is critical, we at KYC-Pro recognise this and have kept our integration fees as low as possible. fscom as a whole can assist your start up getting off the ground, we are offering compliance advice and discount fees for KYC-Pro. We believe in enabling the enterpreneurs to perform and not creating road blocks. Apply for access today.

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